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Posted by Sevi - March 22nd, 2019

I NEED YOUR HELP! What would you say I need to improve on to make my art less shit, be honest. I really want to improve, I'm a little embarrassed about my art. I'm not fishing for compliments, I'm not looking for pats on the back, I want some tough love.

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Probably shading and depth I'd say

Thank you for replying, I'll definitely work on giving my art more depth.

I think you would benefit from gesture drawing exercises. If you look it up on youtube you'll find plenty of videos that explain how it works and point you in the right direction.
Other than that your art looks pretty swell to me :)

Gotta work out! Thank you!

The faces you draw are fairly similar from what I can tell. Maybe practice drawing drastically different face shapes.

Thanks, I'll work on that, thanks for the feedback!

Your anatomy and posing are amazing same with you line work. If I was to think of some things that might take your art to the next level... Maybe give your creations more character with things like more expression, and try messing with crazy perspectives. Also this part isn't necessary but if you wanted to try spicing things up maybe work on backgrounds? I know they aren't for everyone, but maybe if you try it out it could end up adding more to your art? Keep up the good work!! Oh also one more thing I know this is more of a photography thing, but try thinking about "leading lines" alright I'm done.

Thanks, I appreciate this, I definitely need to work on backgrounds and more daring perspective. :)

Getting better is a relative term. I'd say if you want to know what direction you would want to go in to be less shit: look closely at art and art styles that you like (which can be from movies, anime, and video games too) and identify one thing why you like it concretely, like the color palette or the composition, then try to either recreate or reapply that one thing in your own art.

For more specific critique of your work, I suppose you could try experimenting and studying different colors and lighting, since most of your pieces have a top-down white light.
Related to this is how faint and similar you tend to make the shadows, leading to a less dramatic piece. I'd recommend studying some black and white photos or even old movies to identify the effects of different kinds of shadows.
I also see that most of your posts have compositions almost exclusively around the center of the page, which is common anyways. An easy way to have more varied compositions is to add an item or another figure to the piece, so it forces you to think about the interactions of the subjects. And while you do so pay attention to the geometry created by the figures and the objects, like if you simplified the subjects to their most basic shapes would the composition still be interesting?
Filling in the background with some textures also adds a lot of character to the figure especially when the background adds to the composition of the piece; this can be simple like a gradient in the direction of the motion of the pose or become more narrative like some graffiti on e brick wall.
Figuring out perspective is always hard but very impressive when done right. I try to think of it more as overlapping shapes than fitting an entire form on a page. Using a mirror and myself or similarly shaped object I can find is helpful when I can't find photo reference for a pose.

I think your addressing these some of these things though with your recent "Test 01" and "Ophiuchus Shaina" posts, such as varied compositions and harsher shadows.

Also when studying these more esoteric art concepts, like lighting and color, don't be afraid to trace subject matter so that you can focus on the painting part. That way you don't have to worry about getting proportions in the line art right, if you tend to do that like I do.

Thank you for this, and for taking the time, it's helpful and I'll definitely take this into account.

@Sevi Your welcome! Can't wait to see what you make.