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Unnecessary Drama

Posted by Sevi - October 30th, 2021

Hello, I hope all is well with you, I'm writing this to get it out there, because it needs to be.

If you follow my work you know I'm not about drama, I think it's really petty and counterproductive in most cases, however, if it's something that negatively affects people in a serious way, I believe it's immoral not to speak up.

A few months ago, I went to visit another Newgrounds user you probably know, someone I have collaborated with several times, @MisterJames . We've been talking for a few years now, and we share similar interests, so when he invited me to a meetup with other artists I didn't think twice and decided to go to it. I spent a LOT of money (to me anyways) on an Uber ride up there, even though he said it wasn't that far away, this place was his family home in upstate New York. I should've looked it up instead of just taking his word. I don't know why he wanted everyone to meet there instead of meeting up first and then driving together.

I got there 30 minutes early, we were supposed to meet at 6pm, there was only one car there, in this house in the middle of fucking nowhere. I think I knocked on the door for like 20 minutes straight, and since I was freezing my balls off, I went in through one of the windows. It felt weird being the only one there, but what was I supposed to do? Just freeze outside? I noticed a bunch of tissues on the coffee table, too many, and then I noticed more on the floor and kitchen counter. One of those looked like someone coughed up blood on it, and then another, and another. Someone probably had the sniffles and had been coughing for a while, which can create a small tear in their throat, causing them to cough blood. It's not usually serious but it should be checked out. I thought this is probably why no one's here, whoever was coughing was taken to the hospital.

I noticed a kitchen rag full of blood and something slimy, This was more serious than someone just coughing a little blood. The house looked like someone had stumbled around, knocking things over as they did. I was really worried that something happened to James, and as I looked around I heard a whimper coming from a half opened door, so I ran towards it. I thought he was sick and tumbled down the stairs, so I called out to him, but he didn't answer.

I went down to the basement, the light didn't work, of course, why would it? So I used my phone to illuminate the room. The light was dim, and I could barely make out what was in there. There was something hanging on the rafters in the middle of the room, as I pointed the light towards it I saw its "feet". I cannot accurately describe what I saw, the light from my phone couldn't have been on for more than 2 seconds, All I can say for sure is that it was vaguely humanoid in shape, pale skin with shades of purple, blue and red all over its misshapen naked body. Before I could shine my light on its face, it began to shake violently and it let out a ghastly screech, one that will forever be etched into my memory. It too is difficult to describe, as if it was coming from it, but from all around at the same time, enveloping the whole room. I couldn't run out of there fast enough. As I ran towards the front door, I heard someone on the second floor running towards the stairs, I didn't bother to look, I just ran towards the road. As I left the boundaries of the property, I heard a second screech coming from the house, just like the first one, but different, like it belonged to something else.

I waved a car down as I ran onto the road, I managed to convince the scared driver to let ride on his flat bed. I could feel something chasing me as we drove away, towards the police station. I talked a couple of police officers into checking the place out, I changed the story so they would believe me. When we arrived back at the tenebrous, yet unassuming house, we immediately made our way to that rotten basement, with my heart in my throat and my eyes darting all over the place. There was nothing to be found. As the sheriff scolded me about wasting police resources, I couldn't help but feel that whatever evil had temporarily left that space, was not far away.

I haven't been able to shake that feeling I felt while in the presence of that malformed figure. A crawling sensation on the back of my neck that lets me know it's still out there.




This is chilling, I guess I wont be aiming to meet up with James anytime soon.

Meeting with a friend. Bring gun, it might be a better friend.

Monster? I looked like a monster to you?


Nothing to worry about, those are common side effects of the vaccine. @MisterJames probably got a booster shot just before the meet up to make everyone feel safe. I got one too & after eating a few of my friends brains, I've never felt more healthy.

@grimview thank you grim trust the science Sev eat bran

you had me up to the nosebleed part then I remembered this lame ass copypasta lol


What nosebleed, and what copypasta...

The most unbelievable part about this story is an uber driver would accept the drive to upstate NY.

This isn't a drama story, this is a thriller-suspense story, except it's not a nightmare! Be careful out there!